What is Branding Photography?

The images that stand for your brand, communicate who you are, and speak to what you do!  

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Branding is the visual elements and message of your business that help you stand out from your competitors. This can include your logo, fonts, colors, and imagery, but a good brand is more than pretty fonts and the perfect pantone color. Good branding communicates to your potential customers who you are, what you do, and why they could choose to do business with you.  

In today's world, consumers want to purchase from people. The draw of large corporations has faded, and consumers now crave interactions with individuals. This is where small businesses and creative entrepreneurs have an advantage! No matter what you do or sell, it's important that you show people who YOU are.  

Potential customers want to know you, and a great way of showing them this is through photography & video on your website and social media. Head shots are a start, but that is only the beginning! Show them behind the scenes and they'll start to pick up on what it'll be like to work with you. Tell the story of your business or the experience through video. Be true to who you are and the right customers will be drawn to you. Branding photography can elevate your brand from one in a crowd, to one that shows the humanity and passion behind what you do!

Branding Photography

What is

I need a logo and website design? Do you do that?
   Nope! I am not a graphic designer, and you don't want me in charge of these important pieces of your business! That being said, I have a couple amazing graphic designers who I work with and love:

I need a video too...is that in your wheelhouse?
   Not at this time! Photo and video are such different skillsets and I like sticking to what I know I can deliver for you! That being said, I have a couple amazing videographers who I work with and love:

What is the process?
   Your first step is to CONTACT ME and let me know a little bit about your business and what you're looking for. If we both feel like I could be a good fit for your needs we'll set up a little coffee date to really sit down and chat about your brand. If you are working with a graphic designer, I'll get their contact information so we can make sure we are both on the same page about your brand as well. From here we'll set up a session time for your headshots and behind-the scenes shots, which will all depend a bit on what you do and if I need to come to a session with you and your client. Once I have all of the images and footage I need, I'll get to work editing. When I'm done with the final product, you'll get a chance to make sure it's exactly what you want! Once you're happy the images and files will all be sent to you to use!

What is the timeline from contact to final delivery?
   This can vary drastically based on which collection you go with, how long it takes to set up shoots / get everyone in the same room, and my current workload.  That being said, I wouldn't plan on having final images in your hands for at least 2-3 months.  

What are behing-the-scenes images?
   It's a peek behind the curtain of sorts. These types of images show your potential clients a bit more about your process, because in reality they care more about hiring a person not just an end result. How awesome would it be to check out a baker's website, and not only see their beautiful cakes, but some images of them covered in flour making that beautiful masterpiece?

What is a stylized shoot for my brand?
   A stylized shoot for your brand will depend heavily on what you do! For a wedding planner, we might put together a wedding inspiration shoot with her color scheme, her style, and her favorite vendors. This would also be a great time to get some behind-the-scenes images of her with a bride, helping set a table, or fluffing a dress. These images would all be great for social media sharing, and for her website! What to know more about what a stylized shoot could look like for you, contact me!

What usage rights will I have with my final images?
   You will have the printing and share rights to use your images all of your social media, website, and marketing (both print and digital). You will not have the right to edit the images or video, which is why we'll work together to make sure that your final product is perfect for you and your brand!